Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Marketing Statistics

Marketers love, love, love statistics. They drive decisions for many successful campaigns and form the basis of effective strategies. When you combine Valentine's with great statistics you have the perfect gift for your marketing geek. To continue with the love celebration we share some interesting statistics on this $18.6 billion event:

- 62% of all consumers celebrate Valentine's Day (Statistic Brain)
- The top gifts, in order from most popular are candy, flowers, jewelry, greeting cards, an evening out, clothes and gift cards. According to Retail Industry Foundation
- Amount spent, per person, for Valentine's Day in the U.S: $126 (Econsultancy)
- Amount spent, per person, for Valentine's Day in Asia: $274 (Econsultancy)
- Amount spent on pets annually in the U.S.: $367 million (Econsultancy)
- The U.S. is behind Spain, France, the U.K., Canada, Brazil and Australia in per-person spending (Econsultancy)
- 53 percent of women say they would end a relationship if they didn't receive anything for Valentine's (Econsultancy)
- 15 percent of women send themselves flowers on Valentine's (Econsultancy)
- It is not the most popular holiday for greeting cards according to the Greeting Card Association.
- Men account for 73 percent of Valentine's Day flower sales (Woman's Day)

Did any of the stats surprise you?

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