Friday, February 6, 2015

How US Hispanics Shop Online

A report by Adroit Digital reported insights on how Hispanics shop online and respond to web advertising. The Hispanic population in the US tends to be much younger than the rest of the population in general, this means Hispanic earning power stands to increase exponentially by 2024. To be precise the largest chunk of the US Hispanic population can be categorized as Millennials or those in the 15-to-34-year old bracket. 

When it comes to Internet use based on nativity the Pew Hispanic Center reports that Hispanics 16 years of age and older born in the US are much more likely to use the Internet than foreign-born Hispanics, 85% versus 51%. With an increase of 62% in the last 15 years, the Hispanic demographic is the largest contributor to population growth in the US. To put it into perspective in 2013 the entire US population grew by 0.7% while the US Hispanic population grew by over 2% to bring the total number of US Hispanics to 50.5 million. According to Adroit Digital, Hispanics will represent one-third of Americans by 2050. In order for any brand to be successful, they can not afford to ignore this growing market.

The Study revealed how to Convert Hispanics into Shoppers
The report revealed the top offerings that entice US Hispanics to make a purchase. In order to incentivize this demographic marketers should focus on the offers that pay off the most:

- 81% respond to price discounts
- 74% are enticed by free shipping
- 35% are lured by loyalty points
- 34% act on freebies
- 17% respond to personalized messages

The Study Also Showed Hispanic's Behaviors When Shopping Online:

- 72% spend more time shopping on laptops or PCs than smartphones or tablets.
- 78% ages 45 and over opt to shop on PCs, making this market the heaviest users.
- 73% of females and 70% of males are slightly more likely to purchase on PCs
- 16% purchase predominantly on smartphones.
- 58% use a retailer's website instead of an app for mobile shopping.

Adroit Digital Provided Insights on Media to Motivate Purchase

The found that ad media makes little difference, US Hispanic shoppers tend to make decisions equally among different media outlets. A little over 35% are motivated by TV, online and social media. While a little over 40% respond to mobile, online video, and magazine ads.

Marketers should understand the unique ways in which US Hispanics behave online, in order to earn their spot in this growing and important demographic.

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