Thursday, October 2, 2014

Twitter Introducing Weather-Targeted Advertising

The competition for advertisers among social media platforms is on fire, as a way to continue being a key player, Twitter is constantly developing new ad tools and features. Now, the social site is introducing weather-targeted ads, in collaboration with the Weather Channel, Twitter will enable advertisers to target their product ads to real-time local weather conditions. 

So for example, a clothing brand could send promoted tweets for coats and boots to people facing cold conditions, or an coffee chain could promote their frostier products during a heat wave. Twitter's new system will allow advertisers to allocate targeted tweets based on the elements such as temperature, rain, humidity, wind, and dew point. The tweets will also be targeted by the Twitter subscriber's location, interests, devices, and keywords. 

The owner of the Weather Channel announced this new initiative pointing that the company is the first media company to use Twitter's advertising API (application programming interface). That system will allow the Weather Company to automatically buy ads across Twitter and gain access to the users' information. Sales teams from the Weather Company and Twitter will pitch the opportunity to advertisers at launch, the Wall Street Journal reported. This service is expected to start soon and its forecast look sunny and bright. 

"Marketers have a search strategy and a social strategy," said Curt Hecht, the Weather Company's chief global revenue officer. "Marketers also need a weather strategy."

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