Wednesday, April 30, 2014

5 Ways to attract FEMALE customers

85% of purchases are made by or influenced by women. If you are not incorporating a strategy for attracting the world's  most powerful consumers think again. Here SEED Branding Studio shares 10 ways to attract the ladies:

1. Focus on costumer service 
Women are socialized to be the peacemakers and problem solvers of the world. The female mind is able to think ahead and picture a worst case scenario, so it is very important that the salesperson or customer service rep be a good person who will be responsive during and after the deal is sealed. All things being equal women are willing to pay more for better service

2. Women are more interested in the WHAT than in the WHY
In order to get women's attention focus more on benefits than specs, speak in practical terms and paint pictures with stories. In order to appeal to women's psyche don't go on and on about size capacity, premiums, deductibles, liabilities, etc... Rather paint a picture on how a product or service can benefit and improve day to day life. Capture her imagination first and explain policy later. 

3. Women want to know their business is appreciated
Treat them right and they will spread the word, build a strong loyalty program. Invest in the right technology that will allow you to personalize appreciation in the form of a personal thank-you note, discount on a future purchase, a free giveaway or any expression of gratitude.

4. Cater to kids when you can
This is a biggie. If a woman's children are happy and occupied she can focus on your product. Whether you use toys, videos, or coloring books, find ways to incorporate the "kid factor" into your environment so that Mom can concentrate in what you are selling.

5. Give her a reason and a space to tell her friends about you 
Women are a great source of referrals. Give her something to pass along to her friends so that they can sample your product. Build a strong community and a space for social interaction, request that she joins and gives reviews. 

4 Ways to Unleash Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is food for the soul and let's get real, it can make you tons of money as well! SEED Branding believes that just as a huge tree can come out from a small seed, as organic beings we have all the information and material inside us to make something huge. 

It all begins with an IDEA, here we share 4 ways to unleash inner creativity using Madan Birla's M.I.N.T. process.