Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What is Content Marketing and How to Start Using it Today

Miami Heat & Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Content Marketing in short is Social Storytelling distributed through the various tools provided by the different social media platforms. It is all about connecting with audiences through unique content such as videos, images, relevant quotes, rewarding fans, sharing secrets, knowledge, running contests and  more that convey every aspect of branding and community. The information should be fresh, provoking, enriching and so exciting that fans are eager to share and come back for more. 

According to a Nielsen report earned media, that is, content that is shared about a brand by a third party, is 88% more effective and has a greater impact at all stages of the consumer purchasing cycle. Earned media is acquired when your content is shared and if content goes viral the rewards can be quite powerful so creativity is the key. 

Three poster children of amazing content media are GE, Miami Heat and Four Seasons Hotels and I love to cite them as examples when I talk about content. GE has been able to successfully re-position themselves from an appliance company to an "innovative and competitive science and technology leader" through their campaigns featuring 3D printing #3DPrintMyGift or their #6SecondScience Fair. On the other hand Miami Heat's content is filled with dynamic and exciting on-court images, sharing game and practice updates, behind-the-scenes and first-to-know information. And Four Seasons Hotels content takes you inside the luxurious lifestyle of the brand through evocative images, DIY spa treatments and virtual image tours of their amazing properties leaving you in an inspired state. 

Content Marketing is not the same as Social Media Marketing but both are related and essential to each other. The difference between the two is where the information comes from. Content Marketing comes through the brand's website or microsite and it is shared through the different social media platforms in the form of links. 

In conclusion, to begin using content marketing today start thinking of yourself as a as publisher of high-quality content to build audiences on your own website and make sure to share and encourage others to share your content on relevant social media platforms. This can result in greater opportunities to nurture motivated leads that can turn into loyal customers. Feel free to discuss your thought and share with us your best content marketing practices.

Gabriela Borja
SEED Branding Studio 

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